Serious Health effects of Mobile Phones

We're living in age of technology where we spend a very busy life. Everybody is busy in their life. People are spending their time in online activities. All the physical activities are converted into electrical activity. Cognition is that people are becoming discrete from society. Our world has become very rapid and convenient. We can save our lot of time. We can cover our massive activities in just a few minutes, such as e-mails, fax, phone call, etc. Technology has brought a great revolution in this world. Even our businesses are online. In short, Nowadays, IT is an essential part of our life.
People use mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other digital gadgets to perform online activities. Technology is very important in every department of life. The mobile phone is the most widely used gadget in this world. Almost everyone interacts with the mobile phone. It does not matter that either you are developed or untutored we need the basic training of a mobile phone for use.
Students use mobile phones for their educational purpose. Businessman uses the mobile for the eCommerce. Kids use the phone for gaming and entertainment. The majority take the phone for services and leisure. So, a Mobile phone is a fundamental part of our life. As there are many positive roles of phones, contrarily mobile phones also have detriments for the user's health.

Here are some serious health issues that we're facing today just because of the excessive use of phones

·        The mobile phone releases two basic radiations: ionizing (NIR) and non-ionizing (NIR) radiations.
·        Ionizing radiations damage our atoms and molecules that cause cancer. This IR is very dangerous. Examples of these rays are X-rays and gamma rays.
·        Non-Ionizing Rays can disturb our atoms that increase the body temperature.
·        Mobile phones emit radiofrequency energy is non-ionizing forms. These radiations are absorbed by the tissues of any living organisms near to the mobile phone. The radiations emitted by mobile phones depend upon the distance between the user and the mobile device.
·        According to the research of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) the use of a mobile phone is a massive risk. A mobile phone is not good for our brains. It can cause a brain tumor. Excessive use of the mobile phone is the warrant of brain cancer. Another cause of brain cancer due to the mobile phone is to sleep with your mobile phone or keep your phone close to the head.
·        Another disadvantage of the mobile phone keeping in your room is that if you forget to apply the airplane mode, an emergency call on the late-night may decrease your fragment sleep quality. The low quality sleep can disturb your health in each and every part of your body.
·        The adverse use of mobile phone can disturb our mental health. Many students and different people use the mobile phone late at night. So, This routine can disturb our life’s pattern and beauty.
·        The overuse of mobile phone can frail our body parts like bones, skin, back pain, neck pain, and other parts. The backbone of the users can be seriously frail. The use of mobile phone urges us to keep your head forward and lean down. This position may be very dangerous for our health. This position puts the stress in our body’s muscles and all the other parts (ligament and tendons) that support our head. This type of stress can be the cognition of the stiffness.
·        Many people use expensive mobile phones. Their screens have UV protection sheets or blue light filter. But when these phones are damaged, people visit ordinary iPhone repair shops for repairing purposes. These mobile phone repair shops charge a little amount for their service, but these shops use very scummy material for repairing. The use of these materials can decrease the standard of your phone. These materials can be threatening about your health because of no UV protection shield.
·        The adverse use of mobile phones can destroy the morality of the youth. It can be very effective for the student's study. Students do not pay heed to their study because of overuse of mobile like equipment. The substandard type of programs cut off the students from the society and the other physical activities. The students need exercise and outing as entertainment. But unfortunately, they work hard on electrical activities and spend their energies on the mobile device. The radiation released by the phones can dim our eyesight.  Spending 3 to 5 hours daily with electronic media or devices can make you suffer in your next period of life. Symptoms of eye strain include irritation or eye redness, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.
·        Mobile phone can damage our hearts and their functionalities. The muscles of the heart are very sensitive so that muscles can't bear any foreign interference in any form. We have explained that the IR radiations are very nasty. These radiations directly affect our heart chambers, and then these chambers do not perform their functions in proper manners. So, the blood supply in our body decreases, and the heart's performance may cause heart attack and other heart diseases. Mobile phone affects our body's heartbeat.
Health hazards of mobile phone and computer use

Here are some steps to secure ourselves from the

Ø The important step to secure your health is that we should spend minimum time on mobile.
Ø Mobile phone should be put in our pent pocket instead of our front pocket. This is because mobile phone directly affects our heart and our brain. The pent pocket has a mild distance from both our sensitive body parts.
Ø When we enter our home, the first duty that we should perform is to put our phone away from our body (outside the pocket).
Ø The next one is to put your phone outside the bedroom at night or at least from your bed.
Ø We should keep the brightness of our phone low according to our brightness situation. There are many apps available that can filter the damaging blue light. These useful steps can protect our eyesight
Ø We should keep our position at 90 angle while using phone. In this style, we can save our backbone strength from a descending position.
Ø We should keep our mobile 3 feet away from our eyes.
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